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Got Pearls Black   Black Got Pearls on 5/8" wide Flat Braid Webbing

Bugle Bead Bow Tie   Amethyst Bugle Bead Bow Tie on 3/8" wide stretchy webbing. Allows for the Bow Tie to stretch over the head of the dog or cat.

Rhinestone and Bugle Bead   Crystal Diamond Rhinestones line a triple row of black bugle beads

Dog Collar - Rhinestone Bow Tie   Bow Tie Rhinestones on 5/8" wide Flat Braid webbing

Dog Collar - Rhinestone & Bugle Bead   Crystal/Bugle Beads on 5/8" Width Webbing (Standard Nylon or Flat Braid Collar)

Dog Collar - Bugle Bead   Silver/Black Bugle Bead 5/8" Wide (Flat Braid Collar)

Dog Leash - Bow Tie Rhinestone   Bow Tie Rhinestone Dog Leash 5/8" wide (Flat Braid or Standard Nylon)

Dog Collar - Halo Diamond   Large Oval Swarovski Jewel surrounded by tiny Swarovski jewels on 5/8" wide Flat Braid Webbing.

Barrette - Rhinestone Bow Tie   Bow Tie Rhinestone Barrette

Dog Collar - Tuxedo Bow Tie   Tuxedo Bow Tie on 3/8" stretchy webbing to help fit over dog or cat's neck